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[ecf-dev] Announcement -- New ECF Forum and Chat Rooms at EclipseZone


The terrific folks at EclipseZone have set up a forum for ECF, which mirrors the eclipse.technology.ecf newsgroup. See here:


Here's info on the EclipseZone forum features: http://www.eclipsezone.com/java/forums/t43578.html

Also, Javalobby/EclipseZone has new chat rooms on various topics from Swing to SWT to Java EE to Eclipse. These chat rooms are public and hosted by a Jive XMPP server, meaning that you can use the 0.4.0 chat room support in ECF to access these chats (or other XMPP client). To do this you will need a (free) account on Javalobby/EclipseZone. See here to set that up: http://www.eclipsezone.com/account!default.jspa

Finally, my interview with Ed Burnette will be published on EclipseZone the week of the 25th.