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[ecf-dev] Usage experiences from Ed Burnette in EclipseZone chat

Hi Folks,

Ed Burnette used the ECF XMPP chat to participate in the JavaLobby chat and has written up some observations/problems/enhancement requests. See below.

I'll probably also enter several of these as bug reports in bugzilla.

Thanks Ed!


I used ECF to participate in Thursday's Javalobby chat ( and wrote down a few notes. Scott suggested I email them here.



The entered/left messages were missing the server name, for example,
"(2005-09-15 13:19:26) Lux@org entered the room."

There should be an option to supress the "xyz entered/left the room" message.

Allow right click on a person to get more info or send IM or block.

Let the user change font size easily. Right click in chat window should have a Preferences option.

The font size preference doesn't seem to work (tried setting it, applying it, no effect, closed chat view, reopened it, no effect).

Support threads, so messages about different subjects aren't interlaced.

Show when somebody (like the main guest) is typing.

Show emoticons like  :)  and  :-P  .

The text entry area should be word wrapped.

You cannot paste multiple lines of text into the text entry area. Only the first line is pasted.

There is no audio feedback for anything in ECF. For example, new IM, entered/left room, etc.

IM window should be a detached view.

The Join ECF Group dialog should remember the previous settings.

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