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[ecf-dev] Announcement:

Hi Folks,

Some excellent news to report. ECF now has a server at the Ecilpse Foundation: See announcement from Denis below. We now have the means to offer IM/Chat/Collaboration/File Sharing services to Eclipse Foundation project teams via ECF. Along with running an automated build for ECF plugin code.

Special ECF thanks go to Denis Roy, the sys admin for the Eclipse Foundation, Pete Mackie, ECF committer contact, Bjorn Freeman-Benson Eclipse Foundation CTO, and Mike Milinkovich Foundation Exec Director. All have helped out a great deal in getting this going.

Let's use this server to provide some great communications services for Eclipse Foundation teams.


Your project server is ready for use.  Here are the details:

- Virtual server running Fedora Core 4
- Shared 3 GHz Intel Xeon processor
- dedicated 512 MB RAM
- dedicated 40GB disk space
- shared Internet connection with the servers
- hostname
- gigabit transfer speeds to/from other servers (have you ever downloaded the Eclipse SDK in 3 seconds?)

Software installed:
- base Fedora Core 4 without X Window System
- Apache 2.0.54
- PHP 5.0.4/Perl 5.8.6/MySQL 4.1.12
- vsftpd
- ssh

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