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Re: [e4-dev] CSS only in E4 now?



Thanks for the quick Reply.

I even found a way to make the CSS work in an existing app, but while setting



    swt-maximize-visible: false;

    swt-minimize-visible: false;



has the desired effect,  both being false causes a strange side-effect of a gap right under the view tab. If at least one is left as true or the entire CSS not applied, then this gap doesn’t Show, but as soon as both the maximize and mimimize button are hidden it appears.


Any idea why and is there a remedy for that?





Von: Mickael Istria
Gesendet: Montag, 23. November 2020 12:13
An: E4 Project developer mailing list
Betreff: Re: [e4-dev] CSS only in E4 now?




Please look in platform code (including plugin.xml) for the consumers of swt-maximize-visible, that should lead you to the right operation to programmatically avoid drawing those items. You'll then figure out whether this programmatic way can be applied to your case.




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