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[e4-dev] CSS only in E4 now?



I know this list seems very low-traffic, so not sure, if it still has enough active participants, but as I found a thread about E4, E3 and CSS here ( let me try.


I help a customer update an existing E3 RCP application to Eclipse 2020, when we came across new features like the minimize/maximize buttons on every view part.



Users don’t want to have them on most views, and I came across a nice and easy way to remove them from an E4 application via CSS:



    swt-maximize-visible: false;

    swt-minimize-visible: false;



However, this does not seem to work in the E3 generation application, is it not possible there any more to use CSS files or is there a different, e.g. programatic way to hide or disable those min/max buttons?


Thanks in Advance,



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