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Re: [e4-dev] Sandbox for Eclipse proposal as E4 sub-project

I agree fully, in principle that is ;)

Whatever can be done in Platform, should be done in Platform so it benefits everyone directly.

Picking up the example of the spell checker, I guess bringing the default engine implementation and dictionary into platform.text would be a no-brainer (actually, I forgot about the platform.text/jdt relationship here when picking that example - it's been a bit since I looked into it and only remembered that JDT had the implementation I needed). 

What's going to be interesting is how to deal with cases where that's not a given - i.e. where we don't know the best way yet and have to try out a few things, or where the change is more controversial and first has to prove itself. I think hosting intermediary code, staging private builds of some Platform or other external bundles based on Gerrit changes (or even doing temporary forks) can play a role there.

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> Thanks for those answers Carsten.
> I see some of the work you're willing to do as very interesting for the
> Platform as a whole. I think it makes sense to write some new experimental
> code that's necessary in e4, but if we consider for example the spell-
> checker, I wouldn't advise working on it as a new project in e4 as it
> would derive too much from initial JDT / Platform-Text and risks of never
> be merged back to those projects. If you can try to improve stuff in
> Platform without using intermediary code in e4, I believe the chances of
> success are higher.
> Cheers,

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