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Re: [e4-dev] Eclipse Scripting

Hi Martin,

All I have currently is an old blog entry where I announced the feature
you can see it at

You are right wizard are not part of our model - we already once
discussed it but didn't proceed with them (though it probably would have
made our keybinding/context store easier).

The ideal thing would be if everything is done through the commands
framework because then your don't have to issue SWT-Events on controls
to execute an action.


Am 18.04.12 12:56, schrieb Oberhuber, Martin:
> Hi Tom,
> That's great input - many thanks !
> I've added a note into the Scripting Wiki [1].
> Could you add an URL to link to more info about the E4 live editor ... may a minimal HOWTO try it out ? I suppose it works on any 4.2 SDK. 
> Regarding record: I suppose the E4 app model is not enough, since recording also needs to work when opening legacy wizards etc.
> I know that tools like SWTBot can actually record all that, the question is only how to transform that into an executable script.
> Not sure what we have in Open Source in that area (WindowTester ? Jubula?).
> What I saw demoed by the Xored people on Q7 was pretty impressive - they can record ANYTHING and the resulting script looks eg like this:
> Menubar.get("New...").click() | element("org.eclipse.wizards.tree").get("New Project").click() | element("Directory").fill("C:\Temp") |  element("Next").click()
> Not ideal in terms of maintainability and readability, but still a great start which one can edit and modify.
> [1]
> Thanks
> Martin
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> Hi Martin,
> The Live-Editor of Eclipse 4 which operates at the model level has a JavaScript console embeded.
> I think when you are talking about DOMs Eclipse 4 does provide this easy DOM to you which we call the Application Model.
> Recording actions in our model is also fairly simple just attach a so called EMF-ChangeRecorder on the model and you'll record what changes are made in the workbench model e.g. when you drag a view from at to be, ... . All operations that modify the workbench are finally ending up in the model ;-)
> Tom
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