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Re: [e4-dev] Eclipse Scripting

Hi Tom,

That's great input - many thanks !

I've added a note into the Scripting Wiki [1].
Could you add an URL to link to more info about the E4 live editor ... may a minimal HOWTO try it out ? I suppose it works on any 4.2 SDK. 

Regarding record: I suppose the E4 app model is not enough, since recording also needs to work when opening legacy wizards etc.
I know that tools like SWTBot can actually record all that, the question is only how to transform that into an executable script.
Not sure what we have in Open Source in that area (WindowTester ? Jubula?).
What I saw demoed by the Xored people on Q7 was pretty impressive - they can record ANYTHING and the resulting script looks eg like this:

Menubar.get("New...").click() | element("org.eclipse.wizards.tree").get("New Project").click() | element("Directory").fill("C:\Temp") |  element("Next").click()

Not ideal in terms of maintainability and readability, but still a great start which one can edit and modify.



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Hi Martin,

The Live-Editor of Eclipse 4 which operates at the model level has a JavaScript console embeded.

I think when you are talking about DOMs Eclipse 4 does provide this easy DOM to you which we call the Application Model.

Recording actions in our model is also fairly simple just attach a so called EMF-ChangeRecorder on the model and you'll record what changes are made in the workbench model e.g. when you drag a view from at to be, ... . All operations that modify the workbench are finally ending up in the model ;-)


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