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Re: [e4-dev] Dependency Preference and Versioning


I don't know whether we have thought about this already but the
discussion and the conclusion that Require-Bundle is bad make it
necessary that we provide people a possibility to use import-package in
the 3.x appropriately by versioning our packages!

One can currently use import package against 3.x bundles but can't
define a version so it renders it quite senseless. I think most of the
runtime-project already version their packages but e.g. at platform-ui
bundles we don't which is bad. I'd for example like to use import
package to use the databinding libs but I need to stay with
Require-Bundle because I can't define a version.


Jeff McAffer schrieb:
> People who use Require-Bundle are doing so at risk of having to change
> their manifests later if packages move.  We had all manner of "facading"
> going on in the 3.0 timeframe because Require-Bundle is all you had
> before then.  That was 5 years ago.  Would be great if we got with the
> program and started supporting/using Import-Package more.
> As for the Java centricness of all this...  OSGi is a Java technology. 
> At least currently.  As Tom Watson alluded to in another post, there is
> a mechanism in Equinox for expressing generic capabilities and
> requirements.  this can be used to talk about non-Java things in a
> pretty comprehensive way.  That is not currently supported by p2 but its
> just the translation that is missing. p2 is completely based on generic
> capabilities.
> As for require-bundle and extension points, NO.  This is one of the
> "great myths" of Eclipse.  for the most part OSGi only knows/cares about
> classloading.  The bundle contributing an extension that identifies a
> class is asked to load that class using normal classloading mechanisms.
> Jeff
> Boris Bokowski wrote:
>> Tom Schindl wrote on 01/14/2009 12:31:32 PM:
>> > ....
>> > > Yes, whenever you move packages between bundles, the original
>> bundle has
>> > > to Require-Bundle the new one and re-export it.
>> > >
>> >
>> > But this is not needed if I use Import-Package because then OSGi handles
>> > this for me or am I completely mistaken?
>> You are right, clients who use Import-Package are not affected. But
>> since there is no way of stopping clients from using Require-Bundle to
>> depend on your bundle, you will have to do the re-export.
>> All of this still feels too Java-centric to me...
>> Boris
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