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[e4-dev] FW: [] Results of e4 Survey



I thought you might find this interesting.


At the December board meeting it became apparent that there was relatively little understanding of the e4 project. Mike Taylor took the initiative of surveying the Solutions Members to better understand what the membership knows about e4 and what they hope it might be.  The results are attached.


Of particular interest is likely p. 10:


Possible characteristics of e4 were rated as important in the following order:
1.            Simpler customization of look/feel/branding (3.72)
2.            Easier install/provisioning (3.62)
3.            (tie) More customizable look and feel (3.59) / Stronger separation between base components (3.59)
4.            Improved workspace model (3.54)
5.            Full backward compatibility with Eclipse 3.x (3.47)
6.            Server-based architecture (3.35)
7.            (tie) Smaller runtime footprint (3.24) /F aster start-up time (3.24)
8.            The ability to develop code once and deploy either via the web or as a rich client (3.19)
9.            Ability to re-use UI components in the web (2.81)
10.          Tight integration for web pages displayed within an Eclipse UI (2.75)
11.          Ability to build plug-ins in multiple languages (2.73)
12.          Smaller download size (2.62)


I would highly encourage everyone to take a look at the attachments. It’s a pretty positive snapshot, and provides some useful information on the thinking that is out there amongst the commercial membership of the Eclipse Foundation.


Special thanks to Mike Taylor for driving this!


Mike Milinkovich

Office: +1.613.224.9461 x228

Mobile: +1.613.220.3223



From: [] On Behalf Of Mike Taylor
Sent: February-03-09 5:39 PM
To:; Eclipse Add-in Providers
Subject: [] Results of e4 Survey
Importance: High


Eclipse Board Members and Solution Providers,


In January of 2009 the Solution Provider Board Reps put together a quick survey to assess the awareness and knowledge of Eclipse e4 in the Solution Provider Member community. We had a great response and I think the survey will provide you with some very useful information. I've attached a PowerPoint file that gives an overview of the results and a pdf of the complete results from Survey Monkey.


Thanks to everyone who helped develop the questionnaire and also those who completed it.




PS. The survey is distributed under the EPL, so you can use the info freely and publicly in that context.


Mike Taylor


Instantiations Inc.

(503) 598-4911

Eclipse Productivity. Enterprise Quality.


Attachment: e4 Survey Full Report.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

Attachment: e4 Survey.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

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