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[e4-dev] 0.9 release plan

As required by the Eclipse development process, the e4 project needs a plan in order to have a release. I have written up a draft e4 plan by starting from the Eclipse project plan and revising as appropriate with input from McQ:

As e4 is a broad community effort, the plan needs input from everyone involved. In fact there are three areas of the plan in particular where your input is needed:

Release deliverables:
 - This section describes what the release looks like. Currently we build a single "master all in one" zip, so that is the only downloadable deliverable listed. If you plan to ship other deliverable pieces, please say so. For example, will there be a separate dowloadable SWT browser edition, or downloadable demo applications?

Target platforms:
 - This section describes our external dependencies on OS, JVM, etc. In e4 we will also need to list our dependencies on other external technologies, such as Flash, _javascript_, etc. If someone could take a stab at listing "reference platforms" for these different dependencies outside the JVM, that would be appreciated (technology names, vendors, and versions that we build/test against). The supported OS/JVM list is greatly reduced from the Eclipse project plan, reflecting the fact that we won't be widely testing e4 on the full set of Eclipse project platforms. If you think an important platform is missing, please comment. The full set of Eclipse project reference platforms *should* work fine, but not listing them in the e4 plan reflects lack of dedicated testing on these other platforms.

Plan items:
 - Currently the plan items listed there are those from the "Future" section of the Eclipse project Galileo plan. Some may still be applicable, but others may need to be altered or removed. Please chime in with additions, changes, or deletions of plan items.


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