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Re: [e4-dev] Declarative UI in E4

Hallvard & Tom,

Could you add me to the list ? I am really interested by this discussion !!


Hallvard Trætteberg a écrit :

By the way UFaceKit already has an EMF-Model to describe the UI.
You mentioned that you considered this in a previous posting, but you
move so fast it's difficult to keep track of your progress. I hope the
model is "live", in the sense we have discussed before? I.e. that you in
principle can use the model as your API + some kind of toolkit-specific

Well not yet :-(. I had to leave the EMF-Live thingy for now because of
time constraints but providing an EMF-Only implementation (by replacing
my UBean-stuff) is still possible.

If you anyway don't have time to work on the code for a couple of weeks: Would you be interested in discussing the design (on some mailing list or IRC/chat). If you don't have time to look at my toolkit model (TM), I could explain the essential elements to you.

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