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Re: [e4-dev] Declarative UI in E4

Hallvard Trætteberg schrieb:
> Tom,
> Tom Schindl wrote:
>> [...]
>> What you describe here is exactly what UFaceKit solves already. Without
>> having had time to look at both. I think UFaceKit is somewhere in
>> between those 2. We have a Button, Input, ... -Control but hide
>> completely from the user how the real UI-Widget-Structure looks like.
> My guess is that UFaceKit and my work is at the same level, but that
> UFaceKit is much more complete and mature, feature-rich etc (knowing
> your skills and the time you and others have devoted to it).
>> The nice thing with this wrapping is that as long as there's margin set
>> an Input-Widget is simply an SWT control but when a margin is set we
>> dispose the original Text-Widget and recreate it wrapped with a
>> Composite. The other advantage is that this wrapping can take in account
>> how a CSS-Information is implemented most effeciently for the widget.
> Yes, that's one of the very important advantages of a UI model. You can
> fake features that's not directly available, in the mapping code.
>> By the way UFaceKit already has an EMF-Model to describe the UI.
> You mentioned that you considered this in a previous posting, but you
> move so fast it's difficult to keep track of your progress. I hope the
> model is "live", in the sense we have discussed before? I.e. that you in
> principle can use the model as your API + some kind of toolkit-specific
> renderer?

Well not yet :-(. I had to leave the EMF-Live thingy for now because of
time constraints but providing an EMF-Only implementation (by replacing
my UBean-stuff) is still possible.

The current EMF-Model is a read only one (though one can easily connect
UBean-Notifications and EMF-notifications) so one would double the
memory when having a live model.

The current EMF-Model and the UFaceKit-API also don't match 100%
currently because I had to stop development a bit lately because of time
contraints. I'm currently restructuring the the UFaceKit-API a bit to
use Interfaces everywhere (this helps us later to write an EMF-Live-Only

I'll keep you up-to-date when the EMF-thing is back on track (my test
case is the AddressBook-Demo) but this has to wait until ~ Mid of February.


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