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Re: [e4-dev] Declarative UI

Hi everyone,

To address one of our customers' issue I have studyied several declarative UI frameworks.
Basically, the requirements are :
  • Possibility to declaratively build SWT HMI's
  • Possibility to declaratively bind these HMI's with an EMF model
  • The framework must provide design tooling
  • The HMIs must be deployed dynamically
Another constraint is to start the developements mid-december, in other words, now :)

I have studyied Tk-UI, Wazaabi2 and XWT. These 3 frameworks come with very interesting features/concepts. In the end, XWT has been chosen. It offers pretty good tooling, declarative capabilities for both UI building and UI binding, is easy to extend in java and is the most mature.

While studying the XWT engine, I have found several things to improve, in particular the databinding with an EMF model.

For the moment we plan to use it and improve some parts. These modifications could be contributed in the future.



Kevin McGuire a écrit :

Hi folks,

Remy has reminded me that there's been no recent discussion on declarative UI.  I know there was an intention for people to get together at ESE and discuss the topic.  I guess I was hoping for some kind of output from that.

I've been pretty heads down on getting the CSS code working so ... it'd be good if those who were at ESE and who care about declarative UI could get the ball rolling again.



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