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Re: [e4-dev] Using cvs import in the repository/Common BuildInfrastructure

OK, Martin's made a good case for not using cvs import at this stage
:-)  I won't be making any of those kinds of changes to the
org.eclipse.e4.resources plugins.

On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 5:02 AM, Oberhuber, Martin
<Martin.Oberhuber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> As I have mentioned before, I think the E4 CM Story needs
> some careful consideration before jumping rith into doing
> stuff.

I'm not sure I agree ... even if this is throw away, we still need
regular builds now.  There are 2 parts to what I'm working on:

1) How can our code be initially organized and deployed (i.e. how can
PDE Automated Build build us something useful)?   This work has to be
done and is independent of SCM.

I'll be refining my "targets" as we go this week and next week, but my
goals for the moment are:

org.eclipse.e4.resources:  We should be able to produce an update site
that would allow us to download the resources plugins into a 3.5 I

org.eclipse.e4.ui: We should be able to produce an update site that
would allow us to download the ui plugins + required software (EMF and
Orbit plugins).  At first, it will be fine to simply update a 3.5 I
build with the ui plugins.

org.eclipse.e4.swt; We should be able to produce an update site that
would install some of the SWT developer tools (flex) into a 3.5 I

2) How do we get our tagged builds built and published on the web site?  Right now that's based on the CBI and the work
done in

This is where there will be a lot more investigation and grunt work on
our part.  CBI's main usecase doesn't involve building products,
amongst other things.  I'll be taking my questions about how CBI can
help us get going to the dash-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list.

This is also where (assuming the foundation supported git) that we
could investigate other repositories.

> For the resources work, we are in the lucky position that
> not much is going on in the 3.5 Stream. That's why we decided
> to just copy a snapshot of the 3.5 CVS Repo and work from
> there -- this gives us the advantage of having complete
> History even when working in e4 land. For synching up the
> 3.5 and e4 Streams, we'll likely just be using diff/patch:
> that is, when some "interesting" stuff has been added to
> the 3.5 Stream, create an incremental diff from it based
> on the timestamp since the last re-synch, then, apply this
> as a patch to the e4 Stream:

As an aside, org.eclipse.e4.resources needs to re-sync their copy of
org.eclipse.ui.ide since it won't compile.


Paul Webster
Hi floor.  Make me a sammich! - GIR

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