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[e4-dev] Using cvs import in the repository/Common Build Infrastructure

It looks like we need to come up with a pattern for using Martin's cvs
import suggestion for managing 3.5 plugins that need to be edited but
not abandonned in the 4.0 world.

I know the resources plugins and org.eclipse.ui.ide are copied over,
but I'm not sure how we can continue to update them (if anybody has
ideas, please chime in :-)

For example, org.eclipse.ui.ide needs another cut from HEAD as it
won't compile with the current I build.  cvs import looks like it's
designed to take multiple cuts of the "3rd party software" but then
cvs import has to be used from the beginning (complete with vender
branches and vender tags :-)

I can delete o.e.ui.ide and work with John Arthorne tomorrow to get
the pattern correct, but then I think that all of the other resource
plugins might have to be re-done.  If that's a problem (i.e. work is
going to be lost), just let us know in the e4-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx list.

Common Build Infrastructure

I've added a feature for the resources and tests plugins that are
currently in CVS, plus a o.e.e4.resources.releng plugin that I'm
setting up with the CBI.  It will generate a zip for the resources
plugins that are platform independent, and a zip for the test feature
(I still have some problems with it looking for ${org.eclipse.test}
even though it's not supposed to be running the tests).

The short term goal is to be able to create an update site that can
install the resources plugins, the swt tools (like flex dev env), and
the ui.model+emf+moz+js independently on a current 3.5 I build.

Hopefully once we get the infrastructure in place, we'll be able to
start generating official builds.

If you have any questions or comments, plase post them to the
e4-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list.


Paul Webster
Hi floor.  Make me a sammich! - GIR

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