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[dtp-dev] DTP 1.14.100 snapshot build available

After much ado, I've successfully ported the DTP 1.14.1 build to use Tycho 1.1.0, Maven 3.5.2, and Eclipse Platform 4.8.0.M5. I've also merged the 19 repos into a single one: (formerly

Here's the latest build:

And here's the output as an update site or zip:

Not all the tests are passing, however - in fact 323 of 555 are failing. 

Could someone who's more experienced USING DTP (and fixing tests!) have a look at the failing tests [0] and perhaps take a swing at updating them so more of them pass? I'll happily review any gerrits submitted. (Did I mention that DTP now has gerrit enabled? No more patches! Send me your gerrits and I'll get a Hudson build set up to automatically build & review them.)

Note too that this build has been contributed to the Photon.0 simrel [1] - a bit too late for M5, but barring any fixes to tests, it'll be the version in there for M6. I don't plan to contribute it to Oxygen.3 unless there's a compelling reason to do so.

If there are website or wiki pages which need updating, please let me know what's expected and I'll see about updating them too.



Nick Boldt

Senior Software Engineer, RHCSA

Productization Lead :: JBoss Tools & Dev Studio

IM: @nickboldt / @nboldt /

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” - Heraclitus

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