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[dtp-dev] Photon build target for DTP and build details info

I’ve added Photon (M4) as a build target for DTP. Since I will no longer be actively involved with DTP after the end of the year, I wanted to document the changes that were necessary for whoever has to do this the next time.


DTP uses Corundum build system, which is an amalgamation of Ant, PDE Build and p2. Corundum makes it easy to cross-build against multiple targets and to auto-compute dependency version ranges across all of the specified targets.


Here is the change where I’ve added Photon target to the existing list of Oxygen, Oxygen.1a and Oxygen.2 targets.


In Corundum, a target definition is just a list of p2 repository URLs. If you look in the change above, you will see that the list is specified using Ant properties like ${rep.eclipse.emf-photon}. These properties are defined in Corundum itself. That way all consumers of Corundum don’t have to research the URLs and encode them in their builds separately.


Here is one of the changes where I am adding Photon M4 definition to Corundum.


Corundum builds are located here:


Corundum consumers automatically pull the last successful build. When Photon M5 comes out and definitions are updated in Corundum, all that’s needed on the DTP end is to trigger a re-build. DTP build will automatically pickup the updated Corundum version and use the new definitions.


Note Corundum consumers don’t have to use repository URL definitions from Corundum. If it’s expedient or desired for some reason to specify a URL directly, that will certainly work.




- Konstantin


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