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[dtp-dev] DTP 1.5 bug counts

Bugs with 1.5 target milestones, the number in parenthesis indicating how
many have the default "1.5" target milestone:

bpayton@xxxxxxxxxx            11 (11)
dpchou@xxxxxxxxxx              4 (4)
dyang@xxxxxxxxxx         5 (1)
hui.cao@xxxxxxxxxx            10 (7)
john.graham@xxxxxxxxxx    1 (1)
lj@xxxxxxxxxx                  3 (3)
rcernich@xxxxxxxxxx            3 (3)
sholars@xxxxxxxxxx             1 (1)
xma@xxxxxxxxxxx          3 (0)
                        41 (30)

Of the ones with the default "1.5" target milestone, only the ones assigned
to me and Sheila have known reasons for being in that state. The remaining
ones say to me "Who knows what is going on?" That's 70% of the bugs marked
for 1.5....

The picture is better if we consider the top three severity levels:

> 4 major (1 dpchou@xxxxxxxxxx, 1 dyang@xxxxxxxxxx, 1 hui.cao@xxxxxxxxxx, 1
xma@xxxxxxxxxxx), 3 of which have TM assigned.

Now, I hardly expect that many of the remaining bugs will be fixed in DTP
1.5, but it is important from a planning and transparency perspective
(read: "being good Eclipse citizens") to set the TM to "future" for any
that we will not address, so the community has a better picture of where
DTP 1.5 is today.

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Staff Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.

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