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[dtp-dev] DTP 1.5 bug counts

Below are some statistics on the current DTP 1.5 bug counts:

Bugs by Assignee:

bpayton@xxxxxxxxxx       6 (6)
brianf@xxxxxxxxxx        2 (0)
dpchou@xxxxxxxxxx        3 (3)
dyang@xxxxxxxxxx   1 (1)
hskolwal@xxxxxxxxxx      1 (1)
hui.cao@xxxxxxxxxx      17 (17)
john.graham@xxxxxxxxxx   4 (1)
lchan@xxxxxxxxxxx        2 (0)
lj@xxxxxxxxxx            1 (1)
quyon@xxxxxxxxxx   2 (2)
rcernich@xxxxxxxxxx      3 (3)
sholars@xxxxxxxxxx       1 (1)
xma@xxxxxxxxxxx    8 (2)
                  51 (38)

The number in parenthesis is how many are assigned the default "1.5" target
milestone. So, today we have about 75% of the 1.5 bugs with was is, in
effect, an "unknown" target completion date. While there are some
exceptions -- the one assigned to me and the one assigned to Sheila  --
that are valid as "1.5" target milestone items, the rest are not, as far as
I know.

Next, let's take a look at the top three severity levels:

> Blocking: 1 (john.graham@xxxxxxxxxx)
> Critical: 1 (hui.cao@xxxxxxxxxx)
> Major: 9 (6 hui.cao@xxxxxxxxxx, 1 dpchou@xxxxxxxxxx, 1 quyon@xxxxxxxxxx,
1 xma@xxxxxxxxxxx)

Of these, only the one assigned to me and the one assigned to xma have a
target milestone set.

I would like to remind the team that target milestones are a fundamental
part of planning DTP iterations (they help to quantify work, risk, etc.
contained within a given time frame), and it is expected that each DTP team
member contributes to this process by keeping target milestones updated as
frequently as necessary. A query on DTP 1.5 today says that we have no idea
when/if/how 75% of the remaining 1.5 bugs will be contained in DTP 1.5:
this is not the most transparent way to work with the community, and I feel
that we can do a lot better.

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Staff Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.

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