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[dtp-dev] SQLEditor not finding PlanService

Title: SQLEditor not finding PlanService

I am having a problem trying to load my PlanService in DTP 1.5 M6. I have implemented the classes for the planService extension point but when it comes time to initialize the PlanService from the sqleditor.plan.BaseExplainAction class it calls the SQLToolsFacade which is trying to use the full server version id or "REAL" version to find my service.  It eventually calls the ProfileUtil.getDatabaseVendorDefinitionId which returns a DatabaseDefinitionId using the full product version (server.version) number xx.xx.xx.xx (containing major, minor, release, and build values) instead of using the 2 digit vendor version xx.xx.

It looks like there is a problem in SQLToolsFacade.getCanonicalDatabaseVendorDefinitionId that, even though it finds a Configuration that matches the simple form xx.xx, it still returns the Vendor ID with the full number. And since we do not define our services based on the full server name (which would require us to include every maintanence release of our database in the plugin.xml definition of the service), our services are not getting loaded. We have noticed this problem was introduced in DTP 1.0.

Can someone respond and confirm if this is a bug or tell me how to work around this problem?

Thank you in advance,

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