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Re: [dtp-dev] Proposed API Change - JDBC Catalog Loader Helpers

Hey all,

I'm going to commit these changes tomorrow (unless I get some negative
feedback between now and then).


> > I'd like to make a potentially breaking API change to some of the JDBC
> > catalog loader helper classes.  (Note, these API are currently
> > "provisional.")
> >
> > I'd like to modify the factory interfaces used by JDBCTableLoader,
> > JDBCRoutineLoader and JDBCUserDefinedTypeLoader.  I'd like to add an
> > initialize() method to each of these.
> >
> > Because the loaders have been modified to reuse any existing objects,
> there
> > is a chance that some of those objects' properties will not get
> > For most objects, this is pretty much limited to the description
> property,
> > but the default UDT loader does set the base type during load.
> Specialized
> > loaders may initialize other properties on the objects they are
> >
> > Any objections, comments, concerns?
> I'd like to add that I've also made some breaking changes
> JDBCProcedureColumnLoader and JDBCUDFColumnLoader.  I've split the
> logic for parameters and result tables apart (these were joined
> This required replacing the createResultSet() method with
> createParametersResultSet() and createRoutineResultTableResultSet()
> methods.  These changes also migrated into the JDBCProcedure and
> JDBCUserDefinedFunction implementations.  These changes should make it
> easier to add customized result table logic into the default loaders.
> I've created a BZ entry and attached a patch file with all the changes
> (including migrating any existing catalog loader extensions that may have
> been impacted by this change).  Here's the link:
> I'd like to commit these changes early next week.
> Thanks in advance,
> Rob Cernich
> DTP Connectivity Project Lead
> _______________________________________________
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> dtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx

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