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Re: [dtp-dev] Developing DTP 1.5 code


One way to enforce the Java version is to use project-level compiler settings.  The settings are then checked into CVS.  That way no matter what JVM the developer is using, the code will be compiled at a 1.4 JVM level.   It is very easy to setup and once you have the settings set for one project you can simply cut and paste them into the other projects, so you don't have to use the UI to set it up for each project.  The settings reside in a project folder called ".settings".

Unfortunately, I don't have any ideas on enforcing Eclipse 3.2 compatibility.

Larry Dunnell
RAD Data Tools, DB2 Tooling,  Eclipse WTP Project and Eclipse DTP Project
IBM DB2 Information Management Software

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04/13/2007 09:08 AM

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[dtp-dev] Developing DTP 1.5 code


There's been some confusion about how to develop DTP 1.5 code in line with
the target environments we have adopted. Specifically, there have been a
number of cases during DTP 1.5 where the build broke due to dependencies on
either a 1.5 VM or Eclipse 3.3 being injected. Over the past couple of
weeks, these types of problems have become more common, and this is
worrying since we need clean builds with increasing frequency as the Europa
end-game proceeds.

In an attempt to explain what should be happening here, I have created the
following Wiki page:

Please let me know if there are any questions or clarifications necessary.

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Staff Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.

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