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[dsdp-tm-dev] Advice reg. including RSE with an Eclipse RCP application

I'm developing Eclipse plugins for an Eclipse RCP application (Bioclipse) where I want to include the Remote System Explorer from the TM project when launching Bioclipse. (which I do using a custom *.product file.)

I've managed to import the plugins and features from the RSE [1] and TM Core [2] repositories (using the git mirrors) into the Eclipse workspace, but I'm a bit bewildered now as to what dependencies etc I need to setup in my feature.xml and/or .product file, in order to have RSE loaded when launching Bioclipse?

Is there any tutorials for this? Any hints welcome.

Best Regards
// Samuel

[1] git://
[2] git://

Samuel Lampa
 Bioinformatician @ Uppsala University

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