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Re: [dsdp-tm-dev] Cannot start RSE server.

for dstore the "server" and "daemon" are two different things.
Usually, the daemon is responsible for starting a server. In your situation, you can either try fix your problem getting the daemon to start (likely some issue with your Linux network config); or, you don't use the daemon at all but in the client you use the "Running Server" launch type. In that case, you'll need to manually make sure that the port of the server is the same on client and target (usually the daemon ensures this).
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Subject: [dsdp-tm-dev] Cannot start RSE server.

    I need help from you guys.
    I have an LPC3250 board  with ARM Linux and want to use RSE in eclipse to remotely access the Filesystem of LPC3250 board.  I followed the eclipse "RSE User Guide" to setup the RSE server on the target board. I'm using Helios Eclipse in my Ubuntu Host Machine with RSE plugin installed.
    Ok, here's my problem i already installed perl (v5.8.8) and java(v1.6.0_10) on target board, so i am now ready to run the RSE server. But unfortunately when i type "perl ./daemon 4075 10000-10010" in command line, i got an error " Networking problem, can't resolve local host". But its ok when i type "perl ./" it will display "Server Started Successfully". So on Host Machine side with eclipse RSE, i could only connect to the target board using SSH connection, but when using dstore i will have an error "RSEG1243: Failed to connect to the daemon on using port 4075 with an unexpected exception".
    What could be the reason for this? Did i miss something to configure? Do i have to install an additional packages for ARM-Linux?



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