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[dsdp-tm-dev] RunUniversalCommand nullpointer is a bug?

Hi there,
I have a very nice piece of code now allowing me to find every TCF agents on the
lan. For this I have defined a SystemType which does not have a file subsystem
but has an ssh shell subsystem. I am using RunUniversalCommand to execute a
popup menu command on the concerned host but RemoteCommandHelpers is
implemented like this:

IRemoteFileSubSystemConfiguration fileSSF =

IRemoteFile pwd = ((RemoteCommandShell)defaultShell).getWorkingDirectory();
if (pwd == null || !pwd.getAbsolutePath().equals(path)){
	String cdCmd = "cd " + PathUtility.enQuoteUnix(path);
	if (!fileSSF.isUnixStyle()){

Thing is the doc of RemoteFileUtility.getFileSubSystemConfiguration states that
it can return null (and it does in my case cause I have no file subsystem) but
isUnixStyle() is called right after on the possibly null fileSSF, which causes
a nullpointerexception in my case.
Is this intended?
As a workaround I am currently setting the workingdir manually before the

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