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[dsdp-tm-dev] RSEDefaultNewConnectionWizard and Protocol.getPeers()

Hi Jacques,
Hi Uwe,
OK. I see. The form is modifying the page completed state of the parent
wizard page.

Not sure if you have a chance to verify the attached patch. I've guarded
the SystemConnectionForm.verify call in getNextPage, but I don't have a
quick chance to verify it.

This patch works just fine, as expected. Until an update I'm keeping a home-backed patched  RSEDefaultNewConnectionWizard in my package and can extend RSEAbstractNewConnectionWizard.

I have another problem though: when I call Protocol.getLocator().getPeers() at the very beginning of my performFinish(),
Protocol.getLocator() returns "null" until a couple of seconds and when I finally have a locator, locator.getPeers() returns an incomplete HashMap (containing only TCPLocal) until a dozen of seconds.
Interestingly, if I wait before pressing the finish button, it is useless and I have to press the button to trigger what seems a network discovery initialization period.
What about it?
How can I know when Protocol and ILocator are ready to be used for my purpose?
If I'm unclear please let me know!

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