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[dsdp-tm-dev] Renaming 3.0.x maintenance builds to "L-Builds" (legacy)

Today I'm in the situation that I need to release a bugfix into the TM 3.1.2 branch.
Since current is 3.2, I will need a Maintenance build.
But the letter M is currently taken by the 3.0.x builds.
I updated the releng scripts to be slightly more flexible.
From now on, the 3.0.x builds will be referred to as "L-builds" (Legacy).
The daily automatic builder will start building L-builds from today on.
I would like to start deleting the old 3.0.x builds labelled "M something"
since that is no longer accurate given that M builds should always refer
to the previous releases' maintenance stream (in our case 3.1.x).
Please let me know if that policy is OK and when I can start
removing old M-builds.

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