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RE: [dsdp-tm-dev] Problem while browsing through the file using viwithin Terminal

Before you launch vi on the remote, try doing this:

setenv TERM ansi

This is a known limitation, which should be documented.
I think the problem is that some remote hosts (telnet, ssh)
do not correctly recognize the terminal type that we send
to them.

Vi and Emacs have been working fine for me in the past, and
they should continue to work fine (including colors, if you 

If vi continues to fail, please file a bug.

If the setenv TERM workaround works but you don't see where
To find the documentation for this workaround, also file 
A bug since docs should be updated.


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I'm facing problem while browsing through the file using vi within RSE
If I scroll down and scroll up again, instead of the whole file
scrolling up, only the top line will scroll up. 
The problem happens with some experimentation in scrolling down too.
Is this due to large file size or any other reason? 
Could you suggest any workaround for this?
It would be great to work with vi through RSE if there is some work
around available.


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