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Re: [dsdp-tm-dev] RE: openSolaris ? What is the story ?

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Regarding this bug:
[dstore] Processes do not work on Dstore-UNIX connection to Solaris

I attached a modified jar to this bug so that whoever has access to a solaris box could try to see if this helps fix the processes problem. This could be a very simple fix but that needs to be verified.

If you want to try this out, you could put replace the clientserver.jar where the other dstore jars are on the server:

(See attached file: clientserver.jar)

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[dsdp-tm-dev] RE: openSolaris ? What is the story ?

>Why do you think that companies need to have 500+ employees to contribute?
>Everybody, including individuals, can contribute by just submitting a patch.

As explained before, it difficult coming up to speed on eclipse. Its very complex in terms of interfaces. and a large financial investment for small companies. I can give you the specific economics, but is long, boring an way off topic..
The bottom line is eclipse is very expensive to come up to speed on. Just look at RSE how many plugin modules are in there ? Is there any documentation on which features implemented ? What are the dependencies on other projects. For a new group just to make minor changes, need to come up to speed on hundreds of different modules and then wonder about versioning issues. From the outside, we never know which versions and configurations to use.

Committers are here to help you get set up. They will tell you what modules to look at, what configs to use. At least those bugs which are in bugzilla marked "bugday" are really simple ones to fix. Getting up to speed on any of these should be really really fast. And for others, again, do ask the mailing list and we will help!
For example, we were struggling with a PTP install issue. It turned out the bundled version of CDT on the download page was different than the release candidates, major functions were missing from the bundled build. It took 2 days to figure out that PTP wouldn't install/work with the bundled build on the download page.
I cannot really speak for PTP, but issues like this should not happen for projects which are on the (Galileo) Release Train. The release train is there for the very reason of making sure that projects work together.
Well, that was $2000, plus lost ground. And that was just a simple configuration issue !!! By the time we are done with getting RSE fully working on solaris I'll spend close to $85K. a single point infrastrucure product shouldn't cost more than .5% of net revenue. So, net revenue needed to bring RSE support to solaris is $1.8mm that is $9mm in gross revenue.

Eclipse is not a lean platform, entry overhead is high and out of reach for small companies.

I'm glad to hear other are will to help me though this process.

Of course, the cost of entry depends on your previous experiences. But the self hosting scenario as per the FAQ entry I referenced earlier should be easy to understand. Plus CVS team project sets and instructions what plugin to look into...

Anyways, just in case you really start looking at the dstore thing, please do count the hours needed for getting set up and for fixing the bug. I'd love to see some data point how high the entry bar really is. We are here to help where we can.

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