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RE: [dsdp-tm-dev] SSH transport to z/OS mainframe - Codepage IBM1047(EBCDIC)

DStore does codepage conversion. It should not be too hard to implement your own subclass of SftpFileSubSystem, to add the codepage conversion facility from dstore.
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Subject: [dsdp-tm-dev] SSH transport to z/OS mainframe - Codepage IBM1047(EBCDIC)

I've been dabbling at pointing RSE to a z/OS system and have two fundamental issues.  The FTP transport type is failing for both Unix (USS/OMVS) and the legacy files. It appears to me that the FTP parser is not handling the format of listed files returned, and looking at the code, the regex for MVS would not appear right to me at all. I can live without the FTP transport if I have to as it's not my preferred, and I'm willing to wait and see if using Galileo changes this.

My other problem is with the SSH transport and is more important to me and not likely to change with the next release. The files transfer just fine using SSH, but are stored on z/OS UNIX as ASCII (or more accurately, without performing codepage conversion).  I've been poking around trying to see if and when codepage conversion occurs under SSH, and found and contributed to this link:

The synopsis:  The desire is to have a text file on z/OS be in EBCDIC and be converted by the transport as it is retrieved and stored.  This makes the file accessible to text editors on the z/OS platform, and is the assumed codepage for text files for tools that have been ported to the mainframe. The SSH transfer works, but appears to me to always be BINARY.  The belief is that a code page attribute can be assigned in the properties of a file or directory, specifically, that you can use values not presented in the drop down simply by overtyping the field with a new code page identifier. The ability to set the remote file's code page attribute as known by Eclipse to a value not listed does not work for me, in spite of evidence to the contrary that it's working for others.  

Any suggestions?

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