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[dsdp-tm-dev] EFS and new file subsystems

Supporting EFS for a new file subsystem turns out to be quite easy but I
am going to share my experience anyway. Here is what an extender must do
to add the ability for creating remote projects and folders on a new
file subsystem:

 * Category "files" must be specified in the corresponding extension of
"org.eclipse.rse.core.subsystemConfigurations". Only subsystems in this
category are considered an option for EFS when creating remote folders
or projects.

 * AbstractFileService#getInputStream and
AbstractFileService#getOutputStream must be overridden in the
corresponding FileService because they are used by RSE for implementing
the FileStore and their default implementation is to return null.

 * Consider overriding FileServiceSubSystem#getRemoteFileObject(String,
IProgressMonitor) in case your FileService doesn't work with linux-style
paths. Bug #218947 describes this problem in details.

Radoslav Gerganov

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