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RE: [dsdp-tm-dev] EFS support and file paths

Hello Radoslav,

Most of the EFS code is in RSEFileStoreImpl, and most of that
code does not care about how your paths are represented because
it just uses a getChild() / getParent() relationship on the 
IRemoteFile / IHostFile objects.

The only place where an EFS URI needs to be converted is in
which in turn delegates to

This information is then used in line 312:
  remoteFile = subSys.getRemoteFileObject(_store.getAbsolutePath(),

where you see that a normalized path is being passed into 
the subsystem. So - looking at your specific WinCE Subsystem,
I think that your
   getRemoteFileObject(String, IProgressMonitor)
method should be able to handle BOTH normalized AND native
forms of pathes. I think that should be possible -- Windows
NT also supports either / or \ characters. That will care 
for the URI -> EFS -> Subsystem Conversion.

For converting the other way round, I think there is nothing
you need to do since
delegates to
which I think correctly handles backslashes already for you.

While this is a fix for now, I think that we should look at
the issue again in the context of the IRemotePath idea

Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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> Hi,
> As you may know I'm writing a new file subsystem (#214887) for Windows
> CE devices and I have some question about the EFS support. It 
> looks that
> EFS uses / for file separator while my WinCEFileService uses \. I want
> to support EFS in any case, so I have to make a decision how 
> to convert
> the file separators and where.
> In #218947 Martin has suggested me to use "normalized" paths
> (/foo/bar/spam.txt) and to convert them to native paths in the
> FileService. The disadvantage is that users will be forced to use
> linux-style paths in RSE (e.g. for creating file filters) and 
> they won't
> be able to use file paths outside of RSE for 3rd party tools.
> The other option is to convert the EFS paths to WinCE paths 
> in my custom
> WinCEFileServiceSubSytem. Can you point out any drawbacks of 
> doing this?
> Thanks,
> Radoslav Gerganov
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