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[dsdp-tm-dev] Re:Progress on new TM Releng

Hi Martin,

From the test report generated by your new Releng scripts, I found some test cases are missing in the automatic build system.

For example:
* org.eclipse.rst.tests.RSECombinedTestSuite doesn't include org.eclipse.rst.tests.ui.mnemonics.MnemonicsTestSuite

* org.eclipse.rse.tests.persistence.PersistenceTest
is also missing from the RSECombinedTestSuite, and there is one test failure when i run it manually today.

*Some test cases, like FileOutputStreamTestCase are not included in the rse.tests.subsystems.files.RSEFileSubSystemTestSuite.


Johnson Ma
MTS at WindRiver
Eclipse Committer for STP project
User Experience Matters

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