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RE: [dsdp-tm-dev] Ftp connection & extending RSE

Hello Patrick,
(1) FTP with passive mode through port forwarding (tunnel):
    The FTP protocol is designed to open a separate data connection
    for downloads or directory retrievals. With passive mode, that additional
    connection won't go through your tunnel so it cannot work.
    Have you ever tried this with a different FTP client than RSE? I'm not
    an FTP expert myself, and I'd suggest you try getting that scenario
    working with other tools first.
    I'm not sure but it might be your scenario is actually what people call
    FTPS (FTP-over-SSHtunnel) and I don't think you can get this with
    RSE today. Look out for other tools.
    The concrete ClassCastException you mention is already fixed:
    was fixed in TM 2.0.2, I found it by searching bugzilla for
    bugs in DSDP-TM with comment
        "cannot be cast to org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.files.core.subsystems.IRemoteFile"
(2) Sftp is that I cannot view files starting with a dot ".".
    Use Window : Preferences : Remote Systems : Files
    --> Enable "Show Hidden Files"
(3) Your extension:
     I don't quite understand why you need your own plugin for this since RSE should
     do it out of the box; but anyways, when it runs in your debuggee but does not
     run properly when exported that doesn't have to do anything with the TM / RSE
     project. You might want to ask for help one of the eclipse platform newsgoups.

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