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[dsdp-tm-dev] Ftp connection & extending RSE


First of all, I have an issue when trying to connect to remote systems using Ftp file system in the case where the remote system is not directly accessible (eg. behind a firewall and accessed using a port forwarding).

The port forwarding is setup as shown bellow:


The RSE connection is an Ftp only connection with the subsystem accessing port 7777.
The Ftp is set to UNIX parser and passive mode.

I access the remote system with root access and according to the shell I succesfully gain access to the system. The problem arises when I try to view the files in the Root directory.

It returns the following error:

An internal error occurred during: "Check existence".
org.eclipse.rse.core.filters.SystemFilterReference cannot be cast to org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.files.core.subsystems.IRemoteFile

The console:



220-| This system is for the use of authorized users only.            |

220-| Individuals using this computer system without authority, or in |

220-| excess of their authority, are subject to having all of their   |

220-| activities on this system monitored and recorded by system      |

220-| personnel.                                                      |

220-|                                                                 |

220-| In the course of monitoring individuals improperly using this   |

220-| system, or in the course of system maintenance, the activities  |

220-| of authorized users may also be monitored.                      |

220-|                                                                 |

220-| Anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring  |

220-| and is advised that if such monitoring reveals possible         |

220-| evidence of criminal activity, system personnel may provide the |

220-| evidence of such monitoring to law enforcement officials.       |




220 SF280x106 FTP server ready.

USER root
331 Password required for root.

PASS *********
230 User root logged in.

215 UNIX Type: L8 Version: SUNOS

200 Type set to I.

257 "/root" is current directory.

200 NOOP command successful.

250 CWD command successful.

227 Entering Passive Mode (10,170,7,106,219,77)

This problem does not exist with Sftp though. The problem with Sftp is that I cannot view files starting with a dot ".". I tried setting different types of filters unsuccessfully. Is there a way to do that in Sftp? Because that would reduce the need for Ftp which from what I understand isn't really compatible with port forwarding...

The second thing is when trying to extend RSE for modification of remote files (saving remotely). I have added a submenu to the popup menu of the Remote Systems view for executing remote commands. This works fine on a selected file. What my systems requires is some configuration files to be modified before execution. I successfully manage to open the file in an editor for the user to modify using the following code:

            try {
                Object thing = myHost.getSubSystems()[0].getObjectWithAbsoluteName(filePath);
                if (thing != null && thing instanceof IRemoteFile)
                    file = (IRemoteFile) thing;
                    SystemEditableRemoteFile editableRemoteConfigFile = new SystemEditableRemoteFile(file);
            catch (Exception e) {

When I run my plugin as an Eclipse application, everything works perfect and once edited the file is saved remotely. The problem is that when I use my exported plugin, it does not save remotely anymore but only overrides the local file instead.

Is there something else to do before for exporting my plugin?

I hope you can help me find a way around.

Best regards,

Patrick Juhl

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