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[dsdp-tm-dev] FW: Please fill in CVS/SVN information for Kevin Doyle

Hi Kevin,

You've been approved for full committer status on 

You'll soon get an E-Mail asking to fill in the
New Committer Questionnaire. That step will
Finish the process and you'll receive your login credentials.

As a project lead, I'm responsible for educating you on the Eclipse
IP/Legal process, as well as your duties as a committer. Through your
work as a contributor for DSDP/TM I think you learned much of this
already. Still, please take some look at the document links I've
provided at the bottom of this E-Mail.

This may seem a little process-heavy, but it's designed to minimize
conflict between companies and individuals working on shared open source

If you have ANY questions, never hesitate to ask me, or the DSDP PMC at
mailto:dsdp-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx -- we are here to help you!

So, here are the documents:

(1) The DSDP Charter
The DSDP charter at
governs how our project operates. For most of the stuff, it merely
references the Eclipse standard toplevel charter at
Please read at least the section about Committers there: voting, taking
part on the mailing list and the newsgroup.

(2) Committer Guidelines
You are now a committer, so just like DaveM or myself accepted your
contributions before you may now accept contributions from others. Most
of the process is documented for our project on
-- this is the essence in a short form of what the original documents
are about. For your reference, you should have seen the origininal
documents at least once: the committer guidelines at tell us about the
IP due diligence process. This must be followed BEFORE any checkins to
CVS. We - as committers - are responsible for keeping the code base
clean. This is very important. See also the Eclipse IP Legal poster for
a graphical description of the process, at

(3) Eclipse Development Process
The Eclipse Development Process is more important to know for me as a
project lead, it specifies the phases of our project and deliverables
such as a project plan, release review and others.
It's a long read but also interesting to look at once: as well as give all the
background information for how we work. Note especially the Legal and
Trademark sections. You don't need to understand everything right away,
but be aware that regulations exist and you can ask me in case anything
is unclear.

I'd also like to talk to you on the phone before you start actually
committing some code, in order to clarify any final questions. I'm glad
to have you on board, and I'm looking forward to good collaboration!



-----Original Message-----
From: portal on behalf of Martin Oberhuber
Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2007 10:10 PM
To: Oberhuber, Martin
Subject: Please fill in CVS/SVN information for Kevin Doyle

Martin Oberhuber,
Kevin Doyle was elected by the Committers and approved by the PMC as a
Committer on the project. The next step is for you, as Project
Lead, to return to the portal:

and fill in the information about which CVS/SVN packages should be
granted to Kevin Doyle.  Additionally we will need you to fill in who
Kevin Doyle's employer is so that we can begin any necessary paper work.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your PMC
member or the EMO <emo@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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