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[dsdp-tm-dev] Re: Is it ok to copy some private method from eclipse unit test plugins?

Hi Xuan,

as we are licensing the new unit tests under EPL, it is perfectly OK to copy & paste any other code that is also licensed under EPL. Since everything in all Eclipse Projects is EPL, you can just go and take the code.

Please do remember, though, that the original author still has the rights on the code and just licenses it to us. Therefore, we need to do a minimal bit of record keeping: In the comments of your file, you should mention where you took the code from.

As an example of how I've done that record keeping when copying EPL stuff from somewhere else, see  (assembled parts of a class)  (took a whole class and copied it)
SshConnectorService#createSession() (took a few methods from another class) Note how this is documented with the 2 methods as well as the copyright header

Note how I took the original copyright comment (C) IBM 2000,2007 and added my line at the end
("copied and adapted from team.cvs.ui")


Xuan Chen schrieb:

Hi Martin,

Just a quick question. I took a look at the testcases you refer me to, and found some of the helper functions are useful when I create my own test source files/folders. Just wondering if it is ok that I copy/paste some of those methods into my own testcases?

The classes I am interested in is:


Xuan Chen,  Problem Determination Tools for iSeries
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Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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