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[dsdp-tm-dev] Newbie user question

Hi all,
This is not really dev question, but a user question.
However I did not find any user list, I hope list won't mind
my basic queries.

I went through Martin Oberhuber (Wind River) webinar and noticed
that one can invoke terminal and run vim and other such applications.

However I could not find how to instantiate a terminal. I could
start remote shell by creating a SSH only connection.

Could someone please let me know how do I start a terminal in Eclipse
using TM.

My environment is:
EasyEclipse for Ruby and Rails

Based on Eclipse build id: M20060921-0945

RSE SDK : 1.0.1
TM Terminal SDK : 0.9.0

On the same note, I tried installing RC2 of TM on Eclipse 3.3 M6 but
it fails to install because it could not find jsch ver 0.1.31. I downloaded
eclipse-SDK-3.3M7-win32, but it also has jsch 0.1.28.

Any help will greatly appreciated.
Thanks and Regards,

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