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[dsdp-tm-dev] Re: TM Committer Call: meeting minutes

Hi Javier,

I'm glad you are back. I was afraid already that you somehow got lost on the flight :-)
Go ahead with your plans.
I'd like to talk to you when I can but I'm not easily available before next tuesday so we'll probably hook up at the committer call.


javier.montalvoorus@xxxxxxxxxxx schrieb:

Hi Martin,

I just arrived yesterday from San Francisco, as I extended a bit more my stay to do a bit of tourism and enjoy the sun that lacks here in london.
As a consequence, I couldn't attend yesterday's committer meeting.

This week I have to catch up with some work at Symbian,  but I would like to submit the final service discovery implementation.
To do so, I have to submit a change in the extension point org.eclipse.rse.ui.subsystemConfigurations, so it supports adding an id to each service matching the standard service identifier as specified in bug 173468( I'll also submit the documentation for this new attribute.

Also, I'll be also working on bug 176216 ( to allow extending the default jakarta FTP parser. Solving this bug should help solving bug 176215 as well (

If you need more information about the items on wich I'll be working this week, let me know.

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