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[dsdp-tm-dev] RE: Making stuff internal

Hi all,

Here is some more help for making things internal
(basically, what worked for me):

* Before you start, make sure your workspace is up-to-date
  (select projects , Team > Update)

* Select the package to make internal, Right click > 
  Refactor > Rename
  - Enter new name
  - Make sure all checkboxes are ticked
    - Filename patterns: use at least *.xml,*.properties,*.mf

* In the Review Wizard: An Activator often has the
  PLUGIN_ID, this one must NOT be refactored so disable it
  - Most others must be refactored

* When the Rename is done, select the MANIFEST.MF and choose 
  PDE Tools > Organize Manifests... in order to mark the 
  now-internal packages with ;x-internal=true;
  - enable all except those tagged (this may be a long-running...)
  - also disable the last-but-one (extensions with $nl$ segment)

* In case you have cross-dependencies e.g. services.ftp -> 
  subsystems.ftp: in the services.ftp, export the
  internal packages with ;x-friends:="org.eclipse..." 
  --> See what I have done for ssh

* In those plugins that use now-refactored internal classes,
  do PDE Tools > Update Classpath and review the resulting
  .classpath file -- Access rules for marking **/internal/**
  as discouraged access should be removed by this.

* Do a text search for the old package name that's now removed
  --> you'll find rse.doc.isv/topics_Reference.xml
  --> Remove the now internal packages from there

* Before checking in, review the Copyright headers and make
  sure that all now-moved Java files have , 2007 in the
  copyright year (can at least partially be done by search
  + replace; if it's many files you may want to check in 
  before making this copyright change)

* When checking in, select all projects, choose Team > Commit
  - Do not use the Synchronize view, you might miss those
    packages that have been removed

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member 

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