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[dsdp-tm-dev] JUnit checkin

Hi Dave,

I've checked my legal communications again, and the EMO says quite clearly that you'll have to file a contribution questionnaire for the JUnit code, even though you wrote it yourself (though some time ago). It is a significant contribution adding a new feature, and it was written before the committer agreement for the author (yourself) was in place. Even if there are no problems to expect, the EMO wants such contributions to be _tracked_ before it is added to the repository.

So, please export the stuff as an archive and attach it to a bugzilla entry (I guess you can re-use the one from Mike Berger for JUnit).

Then, file a CQ saying that you are the author, you are a committer now, you put it under EPL, and you dont expect problems. They will run their IP scanner on it, and you should have the OK within 2-3 days [they handle such EPL contribution with
higher priority now].

Please forward the CQ return e-mail to me, and I can ask EMO legal staff to even further accelerate if necessary.


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