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[dsdp-tm-dev] Meeting Notes - TM Committer Meeting (Aug.23)

Hi all,

the meeting notes of today's committer meeting are here:

Action Items:
	#  DaveD - JUnit, Review bugs assigned to M4, Checkin
mappings.csv, New bug for moving DTD, Send "Team" test plans to Martin.
SystemRegistry API. Team fixes: Check collapsing persistence Properties
nodes to fewer files. Compile a list of suggestions for making classes /
packages internal.
	# DaveM - bug fixing by priority; look at Kushal's bugs and
assign yourself; get rid of Service calls on UI thread; hygiene changes
	# Kushal - Review bugs assigned to M4, refactoring
IConnectorService / Persistence provider (send out proposal); send file
encoding test resources to martin; review & get rid of
rseConfigDefaults; talk to Don about persistenceProvider; bug fixing
	# Martin - EFS feature, Add Discovery, Build scripts, Manual
test plan, API Review, Jakarta-commons, WR-terminalview; Review if
IShellService is sufficient for terminal 

Since Skype worked fine two times now, I'd like do normal Skype hookup
from the beginning next week. This means, I'll start the conference,
just make sure that you are logged in to Skype.

Martin Oberhuber
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member 

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