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[dsdp-pmc] Another item normally answered by PC rep


Since you all have not been participating in the Planning Council for several months, I wondered if another issue has slipped by without discussion.

If you haven't heard, we are looking to "consolidate" the rows in tables such as

So that, to the extent possible, each major row would provide one plan, one set of docuware, one check list for compliance, etc.

You currently list these three as being separate rows

So you would have three sets of plans, docuware, and checklists, etc.

If that is really want you want, that's fine. I just thought best to explicitly ask you if that's what you want, or if you would prefer to consolidate those three into one row.

There's no formal rules about consolidating, but typically the driving force is if the subprojects are closely knit, such as work is done "as a group", would have nearly identical reports on the compliance checklists, etc. then maybe easier to consolidate (Eclipse, with PDE, JDT, and Platform is one good example). But if all subprojects work independently (e.g. the Tools sub-projects) then nothing is saved by consolidating.  

Let me know if questions, or, of course, if you have already discussed, and explicitly want them separate, as currently listed.


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