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CQ requirement - Re: [dsdp-pmc] webkit4swt 0.6 OSS released

Wayne B,

Thanks for the heads-up on the CQ requirement. I'll coordinate with Doug (blinki mentor) and file it today.

Re: separation of the component into respective swt & webkit parts, while it would be technically possible with some serious effort I'm not sure it would be practical to distribute or maintain the separate parts due to fundamental dependencies between the internal layers that exist.


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Subject: Re: [dsdp-pmc] webkit4swt 0.6 OSS released

Blinki is going to need a CQ requesting a "Exempt Pre-req" dependency [1] on webkit4swt.

Is it possible to separate the webkit from the 4swt parts?



Oberhuber, Martin wrote:
Congratulations, Wayne!

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*Subject:* [dsdp-pmc] webkit4swt 0.6 OSS released

Today the blinki team released the webkit4swt component. You can learn more about the release at The developers manual should provide you a quick overview of this component's current capabilities and API. Due to an LGPL dependency of WebKit we are unable to host this component on Thus we are hosting the distro, update-site and CVS repository on a server. The current distro and codebase are win32 only. We will be updating this soon to support win64 and then later Mac and Linux.
CVS repo:

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