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[dsdp-pmc] MTJ Committer Nomination: Daniel Pastore

Daniel Pastore is an employee of the Eldorado Institute in Campinas, Brazil, working on behalf of Motorola.

He will also committer on the newly formed/re-started DSDP Sequoyah (formerly TML) project, and he will be working on the task of creating the build infrastructure of DSDP/Sequoyah, and on integrating the Pulsar specific components from MTJ into the new Sequoyah project.

He will need to make careful changes to the MTJ code to migrate those Pulsar specific components to Sequoyah, and make sure he does not break the build in MTJ.

Note: None of this planned work will impact SR1, but will be done on a post-SR1 branch.

He will also need access to web and wiki pages for both MTJ and TML as well as their bugzilla databases.

In addition, I propose that Daniel will take on the (post SR1) role of build engineer for the MTJ project, a task which has until now been performed by Diego Sandin, who will be a "private volunteer" committer after SR1.

Mauren Brenner (an existing committer and founding member of the TmL project) will oversee Daniel's work and act as a mentor. I hope we will have time from Diego to also help transition and get Daniel up to speed with the build infrastructure of MTJ.

Please indicate your approval of Daniel's status with a +1 vote.

Thank you

Christian Kurzke

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