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Re: [dsdp-pmc] Blinki WebKit4SWT CQ notice

FYI: the WebKit4SWT contribution includes the core WebKit engine which is licensed under the LGPL. We understand the LGPL may be an issue and Todd Williams is discussing it at the Eclipse board meeting being held this week. I'll keep you posted on the status as we have a Plan-B if WebKit4SWT can not be hosted directly from Eclipse.
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Sent: Monday, September 14, 2009 4:31 PM
Subject: [dsdp-pmc] Blinki WebKit4SWT CQ notice

This is a quick Blinki project update. Today Todd Williams on our team submitted a CQ to contribute genuitec's webkit4swt framework for use on the blinki project. I'll post updates as they come available.

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