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RE: [dsdp-pmc] Scope change proposal for DSDP/TML

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the comments.  I'm about to go into a day full of meetings,
but feel free to forward on to anyone who is relevant.  It's not
confidential, which is why I posted the details on the PMC list.

Also, Christian and I authored the document separately at the same time,
so it made it easier on us to write our sections separately.  If it
seems disjoint and non-linear, that is why.  I will try to incorporate
your thoughts into what I create as the final proposal.



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Hi all,

I like the idea a lot. In fact TmL has been talking about being "not
only linux" for quite some time, so moving to TFM is a logical step. Go
for it!

Regarding the proposal, some observations:
1. Christian is titled "Pulsar Project Lead" on the title,
   but Pulsar is not a project.
2. Page 4 talks about Pulsar deliverables, but Pulsar is 
   not a project.
3. Why is the doc so long? What about putting the most 
   important info first, and then back it up by some
   in depth facts (similar to what earnings reports or
   press releases do: fact first, then "about TmL..."
   I hated having to read everything until I got what the
   proposal was about. Lots of information did not seem
   relevant to me, e.g. what Motorola staff is planning
   to do with Android is not necessarily relevant here.
   There is enough reason to argue for TFM even without
   that. Try to be lean and eliminate waste in the proposal.
4. On the other hand, I was missing info about what other
   TmL contributors (Montavista, ...) think about the 
   proposal. Do they even know? They should...
5. Why does the 2009-10 roadmap still talk about TmL
   when it is scheduled to become TFM.
6. I don't understand why you would prefix packages 
   with .tml -- this is an ingredient to confusion
   moving forward. Paricularly the vncviewer is not 
   linux specific and never was, so why the prefix?
7. Would you consider TFM horizontal or vertical? Is
   there potential for moving stuff like vncviewer or
   protocol framework into ECF, or at least aligning
   with ECF?

I would like to forward the Proposal to Bob Frankel, who is leading the
D-Pack proposal, since there seems to be some overlap between D-Pack and
the Pulsar p2 work. Can I forward the proposal or is it still

Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River Target
Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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> To: DSDP PMC list
> Subject: [dsdp-pmc] Scope change proposal for DSDP/TML
> Christian Kurzke and I wish to propose a scope change for DSDP/TML.
> We've created a review document with input from Doug Gaff and Wayne 
> Beaton.  Please review the document.  Comments/questions are welcome.
> If no problems, please vote +1 to approve.
> for_DSDP-T
> ML_Project-22_May_2009.pdf
> Thank you
> --
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> Eclipse DSDP/TmL Project Lead
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