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RE: [dsdp-pmc] FW: Nag Note for Project Status Bugzillas

TmL is good. Other than N&N, review slides and the branding icon, we're
done.  Our M7 build is probably our RC unless we find P1/P2 bugs.


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Hi folks,

I'll be at the Planning Council meeting next Wed. TmL, TM and MTJ: are
there any red flags you want me to raise on your projects around the
Must Do's?


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As we come up to the end of M7, our Galileo readiness chart, at
needs much attention. 

If we went on the state of the table right now to decide who was "in" 
Galileo, based on "must do" items for this point in cycle, there would
only be 10 of the 35 projects. 

ACTF Visualization
Data Tools

Congratulations to them ... but even then, those 10 still need to do
some work for "RC1" items. 

I'm fairly sure some of these just need book-keeping ... for example,
according to the chart, CDT has not yet declared their intent to be in

For other, non-book-keeping items, if you have not done it by M7 (and it

was due by M7) you should mark as "won't fix" and explain why.
when the Planning Council is reviewing them next week, we'll have to
assume you not only did not do the item, but you are also not
communicating in a cross-project, good-Eclipse-citizen fashion ... which

is of course the fundamental "must-do" requirement of our simultaneous

Please update the bugzillas by end-of-day Tuesday, so the Planning
Council will have accurate data to discuss when we meet on Wednesday. 

Thank you,

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