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RE: [dsdp-pmc] [CQ 2766] NAB demo player


I just reread this ipzilla thread. Let me explain what Sharon is asking

1) In Comment #29, the PMC voted to allow a "non-exempt pre-req" for NAB
demo player to the MWT libraries:

2) This requires that you enter a second CQ for the MWT libraries. (The
second CQ isn't for Wide Studio. Sharon appears to be confused. Instead
it's specifically for the libraries the player depends on.) Even though
the libraries are not distributed with the demo player via Eclipse, the
IP process requires that non-exempt pre-requisite dependencies be
approved by the IP team.

Can you follow up on this and create the separate CQ for review?



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Following up on CQ:

As per the Eclipse Dependency Policy
please see the following section:

b. If a pre-req is non-exempt, it must go through the IP review process
and be
approved or
non-approved for use as a pre-req.

During the review of this content, and subsequent conversations, it was
determined that a CQ would need to entered for WideStudio.  I do not
believe a
CQ has been entered to date. 

As a result, I am placing this CQ into "awaiting pmc" in order to follow
up on
the Widestudio CQ.


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